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Below is a list of just some of the many music festivals taking place in the UK this year.

6 Music Festival 29th-31st March         
110 Above Festival 2nd-4th August      
2000trees 11th - 13th July   
Alfresco  23rd - 27th May
Allen Valleys Folk  Festival  27th - 29th Sept
All Points East 25th May - 2nd June 

All Square Festival 19th - 21st April 

Also Festival 5th - 7th July

Ampthill Festival 5th - 7th July

Arcadia London 4th - 5th May
ArcTanGent 15th - 17th August
B Love

Barn on the Farm 4th - 7th July    
Bath Festival Finale  1- 2nd June
Bath Folk Festival  5th  April
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BBC  Radio One Big Weekend  25th  – 26th May
Bearded Theory  Festival 2019: 23rd - 26th May        
The Beat-Herder  Festival 12th - 14th July   

Bedgebury  National Pinetum and Forest  14th  – 16th June   
Belladrum Tartan  Heart Festival 1-3rd Aug   

The  Big Church Day Out   25th - 26th May 

The Big Festival   23rd - 25th August 

Bingley Music Live   30th Aug - 1st Sept 
Black Deer 21st –  23rd June

Blackthorn  Music Festival 19th - 21st July 
Blisworth Canal Festival    10th -11th August 

Bloodstock 8th - 11th August   

Bluedot 18th - 21st  July

Boardmasters 7th - 11th  August
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Boomtown Fair 7th - 11th August 
Bournemouth 7's  24th - 26th May
The British Country Music Festival  13th - 15th September
British  Summer Town 12th – 14th July
Broadstairs Folk Week 9th - 16th August 
Bromyard Folk Festival 5th - 8th September
Buckle  and Boots 24th – 26th May
Call  of the Wild    24th - 26th May
Cambridge Folk Festival  1st - 4th  August 
Cambridge Rock Festival  2019   25th -  28th July 
Camden Rocks    1st – 2nd June
Camp Bestival 25th  - 28th July 

Camper  Calling  23rd - 25th August
Cannock Chase Forest 5th – 7th  July
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Carfest  North   26th  -28th July    
Carfest  South 23rd - 25th August

Caribbean Carnival Leicester   3rd  August     

Celtic Connection  17th Jan - 3rd Feb
Chalfest   20th July 

Chester Folk Festival 24th - 27th May 
Chilfest   5th  - 6th July
Citadel  14th July 
Classic Hymers Group  2019  5th - 9th September
Cleckheaton Folk  Festival 2019 5th - 7th July 

Connected Festival  5th - 6th October 2019

Corbridge  Festival 2019 28th - 29th June

Cornbury  5th  - 7th July
Creamfields 22nd – 25th  August 
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Create Festival    20th July 

Creation Fest  3rd -  9th August 

Dalby Forest  28th – 29th June 

Dartford Festival  13th - 14th July
Dartmoor  Folk Festival 2019 9th - 11th August
Deer Shed Festival 26th - 28th July
Dent Music & Beer Festival  2019  28th - 30th June

Delamere Forest  21 – 23rd June
Diwali Celebrations Leicester 13th - 27th October
Dot  to Dot 24th - 26th May
Download 14th – 16th June
The Downs   31st August 

Eastern Electric 3rd - 4th August
Eden Festival 6th - 9th June
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Eisteddfod 2nd - 10th August
Electric Fields 4th - 6th July
Elderflower Fields 24th - 27th May 

     El Dorado 5th - 7th July
                    Ely Folk Festival 12th  - 14th July           
Elevation Festival 2nd - 4th August
End of  the Road 29th August - 1st September
Fairport's  Cropredy Convention 8th - 10th August
The Farm Yard Party   21st - 23rd  June 

Farmfest  25th - 27th  July 

     Field Day 7th - 8th June
Fire in  the Mountain 31st May - 2nd June    
     Fly Open Air 18th – 19th  May
FolkEast  2019 16th - 18th August   
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Supporting Live Music . 6
Folk on  the Dock 12th - 14th July 

     Folk on the Pier 10th - 12th May
Forbidden Forest  5th May 

     Furthest from the Sea 2019 15th June
Fusion Festival   30th August – 1st September 
Garage Nation  29th June 

     Glastonbudget    24th -  26th  May 

     Glastonbury  26th -  30th June
GoldCoast Oceanfest   21st - 23rd June 

Gottwood 6th – 8th June

The  Great Estate Festival  31st May  -  2nd June 

Greenbelt  23rd - 26th August

Green  Gathering  1st - 4th August

Green  Man   15th - 18th August
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Supporting Live Music . 7
Green  Scythe Fair 2019  9th June
Hampton  Court Palace Festival   6th  – 29th June
Hanwell  Hootie 11th May
Happy Days  25th 26th May 

Hardwick Live  17th - 18th August 

     Hebridean Celtic Festival 17th - 20th July
High Lodge, Thetford Forest  20th  – 23rd June
Highest  Point Festival 17th – 19th May
Houghton   8th – 11th  August 
Humber Street Sesh  2nd - 3rd August 

     Isle of Wight 13th – 16th June  
Junction 2   7th  – 8th June
Kendal  Calling: 25th - 28th July

Kew the Music  9th - 14th July  
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 Killin Music Festival   14th - 16th June 

     Kimpton Folk Festival 2019  6th July 

Kubix Music Festival  5th - 6th July
Lakefest  8th - 11th Aug 

     Larmer Tree 18th - 21st July
Latitude 18th  – 21st July
Leeds   23rd – 25th  August 

Lee Stock 25th – 26th  May 

Lechdale Music Festival 24th - 26th  May
Leopallooza   26th - 28th July
Let's Rock (12 different locations) : Various dates
L Fest 19th - 21st  July
Livewire   22nd - 25th August 

     Liverpool Sound City 4th - 5th May
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Supporting Live Music . 9
London Remixed 1st - 2nd February

Long Road   6th - 8th September

Long  Division 1st June

Love Box   12th -13th July
Love Saves the Day 25th – 26th May

Love Supreme  5th – 7th  July

Lost  Village 22nd - 25th August

 Lymm Historic Transport Day: 23rd June

Lytham Festival 10th – 14th July

Magical 16th - 19th August

New  Forest Folk Festival 3rd - 7th July

Made Festival 27th July
Meltdown  3rd - 11th August 

     Meraki Festival 23rd - 25th August 

MFor Music  27th July
Moor & Coast - Whitby 2019 21st - 23rd June
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Supporting Live Music . 10
Morpeth  Northumbrian Gathering 26th - 28th May 
Mint  Street Music Festival 13th July 
Music  On The Marr 2019 18th - 21st July 

NASS FESTIVAL 11-14th July

Neverworld  1st  4th August 

North Wales Blues and soul Festival  2nd - 4th August

Nozstock: The Hidden Valley 18th - 21st  July 
Oceanfest   21st -  23rd June 
Off the tracks  30th Aug - 1st Sept 
 Parafest 11th - 14th July 
Parklife   8th – 9th  June 
Proms  and Prosecco in the Park at Weston Park 26th May 
 Pub in the Park   17th - 19th May 
Radio 1's Big Weekend  256th -  26th May 
Ramblin Man  19th - 21st July 
Raunds Community Music Festival Ltd 2nd - 5th May
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Reading   23rd – 25th  August   
Readipop  12th - 14th July 
Red Rooster    30th - 1st May 
Re-Texture    28th -31st March 
Rewind  North 2nd - 4th August 
Rewind  Scotland 19th - 21st July 
Rewind  South 16th - 18th August 
Riverside  Festival Charlbury 20th - 21st July 
Rockprest   29th - 30th June 
Sandwell and Birmingham Mela    20th - 21st July 
Shambala 22nd - 25th August 

Shardfest 20th - 21st July

Sherwood Pines  28th – 30th June   
Shindig   23rd to 26th May
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Supporting Live Music . 12
Simmer Down Festival 21st July

Slam Dunk  25th - 26th May 
Snowbombing 8th - 13th April   

Southbest Festival  21st - 22nd September 2019

Stainsby  Folk Festival 2019 19th - 21st July  
Standon  Calling 25th - 28th July 
Starry Skies  31st  July - 4th August 

Strawberry and Cream   15th June 

Summer Sessions   7th  - 25th August 
 Summer Soulstice 2019 22nd June 
Sundown festival   30th August - 1st September 
South West Four   24th  – 25 August 
Sunday Sessions   26th May  and   30th June 
 Swanage Folk Festival  6th - 8th September 
Tartan Heart Festival  1st - 3rd  Aug 
Tech-Fest  4th - 8th July 
Tenterden  Folk Festival 2019  3rd - 6th  October   
Thame  Music in the Park  5th May 
The Great Escape  9th – 11th May
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Supporting Live Music . 13
Threshold  29th – 30th March

Tokyo World  21st - 22nd September 

     Towersey Festival  23rd - 26th  August 
Tramlines  19th - 21st July

TRNSMT   12th – 14th  July
Truck Festival   26th – 28th  July 

Tunes in the Dunes   24th - 26th May 

Twinwood Festival  23rd - 26th August

Underneath the Stars  2nd - 4th August 

Valley Fest   2nd  - 4th August 

     Victorious Festival  23rd - 25th  August
Village  Green  13th July
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Walthamstow Garden Party  13th - 14th July 

     Watchet Festival   23rd  - 25th  August 

     We Are FSTVL  24th - 26th May
We Out Here   15th - 18th August
Westonbirt, The National Arboretum  13th  - 16th June
Weyfest Music Festival   16th - 18th August 

     Wilderness 1st – 4th August
Wireless 5th – 7th July 
Wheels  & Fins 7th - 8th September    
Wood Festival  17th - 19th May 

     Y Not? 25th - 28th July
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To get you in the mood below are a selection of videos promoting just some of the many festivals listed.
Beat Herder :
Download :
End of the Road :
Kendal Calling :
NoZstock the hidden valley  :
Shambala :
Standon Calling :
Towersey Festival  :
Truck Festival  :
Twinwood   :
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We hope you have found the above list useful and interesting . If you are a Music Festival organiser and wish  your event to be added please forward details to  simply writing MUSIC FESTIVAL and the NAME in the subject box, providing full contact details and a link to your own website within the email. We would expect your event to be a music-based festival with an audience of 5,000+ or for you to be a member of either the AIF or the AFO.

BANKIER SLOAN Chartered Surveyors is based in North Oxfordshire and we have written extensively on Business Rates, and Business Rates Reliefs for many years . We have advised many festival organisers on the issue of business rates as well as other related property matters such as Rent Reviews, Lease renewals and Planning. You are always welcome to contact either myself or my assistant Lucy Castle to discuss such matters. We will be happy to provide references from within the music festival industry.

WARNING:   We take no responsibility for any  individual festival.  The web-sites listed we hope go directly to each festival’s own web-site rather than any ticket agency,  thus allowing individuals to view details of each event and then find links for purchasing tickets should they wish.


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